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“When I grow up, I’m gonna save the rainforest!”

Many young children want to do the right thing—whether it’s becoming a doctor to help sick people or saving sea turtles. When you hear empathy in their future dreams, that’s something to celebrate! 

 This week, children in our KidzoneCare centers are diving into nature (and getting a little messy) with a fun creative expression activity that helps them explore natural items and new art materials! 

If you ever tracked your kid's height on a wall in your house, you know how exciting it can be to watch the upward trajectory. But you may not realize: Measuring (anything) teaches math concepts in a way that kids can understand.

It’s a ton of fun for kids to just get down and dirty with sand! Sand is full of learning opportunities, from experimenting with its unique texture to seeing what can be built from it— and sand art adds a whole new layer of fun.

Turning cartwheels, rolling somersaults, and of course, jumping, hopping, and leaping are just a few of the joys of childhood. New ways their bodies can move is exhilarating for young minds!


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